E333 - Calcium citrate

Calcium citrate (E333) is a calcium salt of citric acid, an organic acid naturally found in many citrus fruits.


Calcium citrate is generally considered safe when used in accordance with good manufacturing practices and dietary guidelines. As with any food additive, it is essential to adhere to appropriate usage recommendations.

Characteristics of Calcium Citrate (E333):

  • Origin: It can be produced from citric acid and calcium sources, typically derived from minerals like limestone.
  • Appearance: Calcium citrate is usually presented as a white powder or granules.

Common Uses:

  • Food Industry: Used as a food additive, it acts as an acidity regulator and stabilizer. It can be employed in the production of cheeses, beverages, confectioneries, and other food products.
  • Nutritional Supplements: Calcium citrate is also used as a dietary supplement to provide calcium, an essential mineral for bone and dental health.
  • Acidity Regulator: As a food additive, calcium citrate helps regulate the acidity of food products, which can be particularly important in dairy products.
  • Stabilizer: It can be used as a stabilizer in certain food products to maintain texture and consistency.
  • Calcium Supplement: As a supplement, calcium citrate is often chosen for its increased bioavailability compared to other forms of calcium.
  • Compatible with Certain Diets: It can be chosen as a calcium source for individuals following specific diets, such as dairy-free diets.
  • Ingredient in Pharmaceutical Products: Calcium citrate can also be used as an ingredient in certain pharmaceutical formulations.

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