Sodium Amyl Xanthate (SAX)

Sodium Amyl Xanthate (SAX) is a chemical compound widely used in the field of mineral flotation.


Sodium Amyl Xanthate (SAX) in the mining industry is subject to strict regulations due to its environmental implications and potential health risks. Workers handling this substance must adhere to stringent safety protocols, and its use must comply with current environmental standards.

Main Use: Collecting agent in the mineral flotation process.

Appearance: It is generally supplied in the form of powder or granules.

Mineral Flotation: SAX is widely used in the mining industry to facilitate the separation of valuable minerals from undesirable ones. It acts by forming a complex with mineral particles, making them hydrophobic and thus promoting their attachment to air bubbles during the flotation process.

Other Characteristics:

  • It is water-soluble.
  • It can be flammable.
  • It must be handled with caution due to its chemical properties.

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Sodium Amyl Xanthate (SAX)