Dithiophosphate 31

Used as the flotation collector for sphalerite, galena, and silver ore, it can also be employed in the flotation process of oxidizing gold ore and green copper pre-silicon. It also has a collecting function for lead oxide and, when combined with certain ores, forms better foam yield than dithiophosphate 25.


Dithiophosphate 31:

Dithiophosphate 31 is a reagent used in the mining industry as a collector for mineral flotation. It belongs to the xanthate family, which consists of salts or esters of dithiocarbamates. Flotation is a widely used process for separating minerals from ores. Dithiophosphate 31 acts as a flotation reagent to promote the adherence of mineral particles to air bubbles, thus allowing their separation from other components.

Features and Uses:

  • Flotation Collector: Dithiophosphate 31 is primarily used as a collector in the mineral flotation process. It helps form a hydrophobic layer on mineral particles, making them conducive to rising to the surface as part of the flotation process.
  • Targeted Minerals: This reagent is often used in the flotation of metal sulfides, such as copper, lead, and zinc sulfides.
  • Process Optimization: Precise dosing of Dithiophosphate 31 is crucial for optimizing the efficiency of the flotation process, maximizing the recovery of precious minerals, and minimizing losses.


  • Handling: As with any chemical reagent, it is essential to follow safe handling practices, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Storage: Dithiophosphate 31 should be stored in accordance with safety guidelines, avoiding sources of heat, ignition, and contamination.
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS): The product-specific safety data sheet should be consulted for detailed information on handling, storage, and associated precautions.

Data sheet

HS Code
2930 90 90
200kg drum
Name / Reference
Dithiophosphate 31