Sodium n-butyl Xanthate (SNBX)

Sodium n-butyl xanthate (SNBX) is a chemical compound widely used in the mining industry as a flotation reagent.


Sodium n-Butyl Xanthate (SNBX) is a chemical compound widely used in the mining industry as a flotation reagent. It belongs to the xanthate family, which comprises salts or esters of xanthic acid. These compounds serve as collector agents in the mineral flotation process.

Mineral Flotation: SNBX is primarily employed as a flotation reagent in ore processing. Flotation is a mineral concentration method where air bubbles are introduced into a mineral pulp, and valuable minerals are collected at the surface of the bubbles.

Chemical Reaction: When added to the mineral pulp, SNBX forms insoluble complexes with targeted mineral particles, typically metallic sulfides. These hydrophobic complexes have the ability to attach to the air bubbles introduced during the flotation process.

Selectivity: The choice of a specific xanthate, such as sodium n-Butyl Xanthate, can influence the selectivity of the flotation process towards certain minerals. This selectivity is crucial for the efficiency of the process.

Safety and Handling: Like many chemicals used in the industry, SNBX must be handled with caution due to its potentially corrosive and irritating properties. Proper safety measures, such as the use of personal protective equipment, are necessary when handling this compound.

Regulation: The use of SNBX and other xanthates is regulated in many jurisdictions due to their potential impacts on human health and the environment. Companies using these chemicals must comply with safety standards and prevailing environmental regulations.

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