Dianiline Dithiophosphoric Acid

Dianiline Dithiophosphoric Acid is an effective collector and activation agent for silver, copper, lead, and zinc sulfide ore. It can also be used for the activation of pyrite flotation and is applicable to nickel as well.


Dithiophosphoric Acid Dianiline:

Dianiline dithiophosphoric acid is a chemical compound primarily used in the mining industry as a flotation reagent.


  • Mineral Flotation: Dianiline dithiophosphoric acid is employed as a collector in the mineral flotation process. It acts by promoting the adhesion of mineral particles to air bubbles, facilitating their separation from other components.


  • Collector Agent: As a dithiophosphate, this compound acts as a collector agent by forming a hydrophobic film on the surface of mineral particles. This facilitates their attachment to air bubbles during the flotation process.


  • Safe Handling: Like any chemical used in the industry, it is essential to follow safe handling procedures. This may include wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Storage: Dianiline dithiophosphoric acid should be stored in accordance with safety guidelines, avoiding sources of heat and ignition.
  • Compliance with Regulations: It is important to adhere to local and industrial safety regulations when handling and storing this compound.
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS): It is strongly recommended to consult the product-specific safety data sheet for detailed information on handling, storage, and associated precautions, as these may vary depending on the specific product formulations.

Data sheet

CAS Number
HS Code
2930 90 90
Chemical Formula
1000 kg tank / 200 kg drum
Name / Reference
Dianiline Dithiophosphoric Acid