Ponceau 4R is a synthetic azo dye used as a food coloring.


E124 - Culvert

E124 is a food additive which corresponds to Ponceau 4R, a synthetic dye from the azo family. It is used in the food industry to give a red tint to products.

  • Function: Ponceau 4R is used as a food coloring, adding a red tint to food products. It is often used in confectionery, pastries, desserts, soft drinks, sauces, meat products, etc.
  • Uses: Due to its red hue, Ponceau 4R is often chosen to enhance the visual appearance of food and beverages.
  • Safety: The safety of the 4R Culvert has been the subject of debate and regulation in some areas. In the European Union, for example, it is permitted but subject to usage limits. However, some studies have suggested that significant amounts of Ponceau 4R may be linked to allergic reactions in some sensitive people.
  • Precautions: Due to potential concerns, some food regulatory authorities have implemented restrictions on the use of Ponceau 4R. People who are allergic or sensitive to certain food additives should read food labels carefully for the presence of that additive.

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