E637 - Ethyl-maltol

Ethyl maltol is a chemical compound used as a food additive and flavoring.


Ethyl maltol:

Ethyl maltol is a derivative of maltol, an organic compound found in various plants. It appears in the form of white crystals or a white crystalline powder with a characteristic sweet odor.

Aroma and Flavor:

Ethyl maltol is known for its sweet aroma and sweet taste, reminiscent of caramelized sugar.


  • Sweet Foods: It is used to enhance the sweet flavor of foods such as candies, confectioneries, desserts, etc.
  • Bakery Products: Added to bakery products to intensify the sweet flavor.
  • Beverages: Used in sodas, fruit drinks, etc., to add a sweet note.
  • Dairy Products: Added to certain dairy products to enhance sweetness.


Ethyl maltol is water-soluble and can be dissolved in various solvents. It is stable at moderate temperatures.


The dosage of ethyl maltol depends on the desired concentration of sweet flavor in the final product. Minimal amounts may be sufficient to achieve a significant effect.


Although considered safe when used according to regulations, precautions should be taken to avoid excessive use, as it could result in an overly intense sweet flavor.


Food products containing ethyl maltol must indicate the presence of this additive on their labeling in accordance with applicable regulations.

Data sheet

CAS Number
HS Code
Chemical Formula
White solid
25 kg bag

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