Preservative, mineral, or synthetic, used in meat-based products.


Potassium Nitrate

Potassium nitrate, identified by the chemical formula KNO₃, is an inorganic salt commonly used in various industrial, food, and agricultural applications. It is often recognized as the food additive E252, primarily used as a preservative and stabilizer in certain food products.

Properties and Characteristics:

  • Chemical Formula: The formula KNO₃ represents the molecular composition of potassium nitrate, consisting of potassium (K), nitrogen (N), and oxygen (O).
  • Stability: Potassium nitrate is a stable compound at room temperature, but it can decompose at high temperatures, releasing oxygen.


Food Industry:

  • Preservative: Used as a preservative in certain foods, including dried meats and sausages, to extend their shelf life by inhibiting the growth of certain undesirable bacteria.
  • Stabilizer: Also acts as a stabilizer in certain food products to maintain color, texture, and product quality.

Agricultural Industry:

  • Fertilizer: Used as a source of potassium and nitrogen in fertilizers to enhance plant growth and health.


  • Fireworks: Potassium nitrate is a key ingredient in the composition of many fireworks due to its ability to produce oxygen upon decomposition, thereby promoting combustion and creating visual effects.

Safety and Precautions:

While potassium nitrate is widely used, especially in the food and agricultural industries, it is essential to follow appropriate safety guidelines during its handling and use. Improper or excessive use can pose health and environmental risks. Therefore, it is crucial to adhere to regulations and recommendations specific to each application.

Data sheet

CAS Number
HS Code
2834 21 00
Chemical Formula

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